Signature Polish is by far the finest product I have ever used in the line of polishes. Please don't ever change the formula to a "new & improved" one like so many companies. I use it all over my house, from my wood cabinets, polished marble, stainless steel appliances, and even in our motor home and boat.
Sincerely yours,
Mrs.  Wolf, Ohio
Dear Don,
I had tried a couple of other polishes for my Sub-Zero refrigerator, but they left the surface streaky, worse than before I tried to clean it.  On re-reading the Sub-Zero manual, I noticed they suggested Signature Polish. I called your number to buy some. The polish arrived yesterday, and I used it immediately. It works beautifully, and it is all that you said it is and more. My Sub-Zero now looks as good as it did when I bought it.
Joan W.
We are the Southern California Distributors for the Chambers Built-In Ranges, Refrigerators and Kitchen Appliances, with two show rooms filled with stainless steel, and color appliances. It has been a continuous chore to keep these units looking like they should, with people constantly handling them. For the first time in three years of business, and after trying every product on the market in eighteen years of housekeeping, your cleaning polish(Signature Polish) has done the job.
Thank you most sincerely,
Mrs. B. Allen

Signature Polish is everything you said it would be. I have told all my friends about how much easier it is to keep my wood, counter tops and stainless steel in my kitchen looking wonderful. My husband tried it on his car and now gives it to the man who details it for us. It really keeps the interior of the car looking nice longer.

Signature Polish is everything you said it would be. I can't believe it! It's wonderful. I have already told all of my friends. My cleaning of stainless steel is a whole lot easier.
Thank you. 

Hi Gary,
I just wanted to let you know how much I love your polish. I have polished everything in my house. I started out with the kitchen cabinets and they looked so good I just kept going. The wood looks much richer. I did all my furniture. I have a bronze colored fountain in my foyer and the minerals in the water was causing little green spots in the basin. I cleaned it out and polished it with Signature Polish and that was two weeks ago and I have had no more spots. Then I moved on to my car and the dash has never looked so good. I also did the seats and they look new again. I never want to run out of this amazing product!
Lois, Florida

The word "miracle" doesn't cross my lips very often, but I am speaking it today. I am the woman who called you, heartsick, because a heavy-duty solution of trisodium phosphate had streaked the doors of our beautiful new Sub-Zero. You took lots of time to listen and advise me, but didn't make wild promises, just assured me that if any product would fix the damage, Signature Polish would. Today I followed your regimen of cleaning, rinsing, drying, and then polishing and buffing, and after the latter - to my utter amazement - the unsightly over-shiny streaks are gone! Maybe a ghost of streakiness remains visible to me because I know where to look, but basically, the refrigerator looks better than when we bought it, and no one else will ever notice the damage. How can it be?

Dear Gary,
I purchased your Signature Polish and conditioner and it is the best product I ever used. I have purchased numerous products to clean the Sub-Zero, nothing worked. The stainless steel exterior just kept getting worse. It had water marks and lines that looked like a rainbow. When I received your polish I was quite skeptical because of past cleaners, that did not work. I was amazed at what the polish did to my appliances. They look great, better than they did when they were first delivered to me. I also used it on my bedroom furniture and kitchen cabinets. The wood has so much luster and looks beautiful. Thanks for this wonderful polish.

Dear Dawn
Thank you for making my life easier! After purchasing several so called stainless steel cleaners, Signature Polish wins hands down. Besides the ease of cleaning, and a sparkling streak-free shine, what I love most about this polish is that I don't have to be exposed to toxic chemicals. Other polishes warn you in small print, "do not inhale"... use in ventilated area.  Those fumes quickly travel into your lungs. Love your polish!

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with how your product worked to clean the stainless steel on my Wolf cook top and ovens. I had drip marks on the stainless that Signature Polish took out beautifully. I also tried the polish on my outdoor stainless steel grill and couldn't believe how nice it made it look. I then went and polished the doors on my Sub-Zero which are wood  and the polish worked better than anything I had been using. I want to thank Sub-Zero and Wolf for recommending your product. It has made cleaning very easy.
Stella,  Phoenix, Az.

Thanks so much for your help and for sending the Signature Polish so quickly. It removed the streaks other cleaners left on my stainless steel appliances.  It amazingly restored the luster to a 20 year old Vent-A-Hood fan. I took your suggestion Dawn, and used it on our kitchen cabinets and wood furniture. I couldn't believe the difference it made. My wood looks like new. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.
Kind Regards,

Thank you so much for the Signature Polish. I have used it on everything! The best use has been on my outdoor furniture. The Florida sun is brutal, but my furniture is protected. I only polish it once or twice a year. Things stay clean much longer with Signature.
Thanks again,